Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got Fumes?

Soldering can produce fumes that overtime can lead to sensitivities or health problems. I always recommend that students have adequate ventilation in their work area, like open windows, a small table fan, even an exhaust hood. But it's not always easy to set up and an exhaust system can be expensive.

My wife Anat ordered a neat little device for her enameling - a bench fan from Whole Lotta Whimsey. This small fan - 6 1/2" tall - pulls fumes away from your work area and through a filter.

Anat tried soldering without it and then tried again, using the bench fan. She noticed a marked difference - less odor when she used the fan. Something to think about when making a safe work area, and the small foot print and price tag make it an easy choice.

Now I just hope that they have enough in stock for all of us!