Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teaching Prong Setting in Milwaukee

Well, I had no idea my bald head was so damn shiny while I was teaching. Thankfully I have the tv to distract the students from their reflections on my head! Instead they can enjoy close ups of my ugly fingers. "Pssst.... Joe needs a freakin' manicure!!"

This was a busy class. 18 students made a pedestal prong setting from scratch, including a custom bail - I worked my class to the bone and filled their heads with lots of information about soldering and stone setting. But almost everyone walked out with a set stone despite a few last minute melted bails and crooked settings. Nice thing about prong settings is that you can take the stone out and reset it or repair the setting.

One thing I'm proud of in these photos - my work area doesn't look like a complete disaster area on day three of our teaching marathon. Anat has been a huge help, taking orders, and helping students with soldering, etc.

Thanks to Patti from Wubbers - awesome awesome pliers - for the photos from class.

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