Friday, April 13, 2012

Watch a Bezel Setting Demo on Video with Joe Silvera

You can watch a free video about how to make a bezel setting with Joe Silvera, as part of my guest appearance on Jewel School. It's in two parts.

This was shot after my guest appearance on Jewel School to promote my book and dvd, Soldering Made Simple. It gives you the highlights of how to make a bezel setting. I rattled on for about 2 hours at least on film, so this is edited down to the essentials.

My favorite thing; the split screen on soldering to see soldering from above and below to put the bezel onto the sheet metal. My favorite laughs: I don't know, maybe it was my video player, but my voice seemed way out of sync with some segments - which makes me look like a dubbed kung fu movie actor. I like to turn the sound down and just make up what I'm saying. Like: "Hmm, you killed my brother. Now I will solder you into a setting with my jewelry monkey style. Hyahhh!" Okay, I need to get out more, but how often can you make fun of yourself on video?

Hope you like it! Want to learn how to set stones? Try our Stone Setting Suite Retreat, coming up in May at Silvera Jewelry School.

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